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Front or Rear Battery Pack headlamps? Which is better?

When deciding on a headlamp, there are 2 common types: one that will give you a rear battery back, and one that has a front battery pack (usually built in to the front head unit along with the LED and lens).

At Ledlenser, people often ask us which is better and why, so here are our thoughts:

The benefits of a front battery pack:

As an example check out our MH5 model which is a front battery pack headlamp to give you an idea of the type of headlamp we’re referring to.  

1. The main benefit is you will have no battery casing at the back of your head strap. This is fantastic for Mechanics as an example, as when you are underneath working on a car on the ground, the battery pack won’t be bumping and scratching the ground beneath you. 

2. Most front battery pack headlamps will carry a smaller size battery due to being built into the front head unit and space is an issue, you normally wouldn’t see a battery larger than an 18650 li-ion battery with this type, meaning your headlamp will be lightweight. 

3. Easy to operate with a front switch only. You will see in some rear battery packs, there will be a switch at the back of the headlamp making it a touch more difficult in some cases to operate. All front battery pack headlamps will have an easy to use front switch.

The benefits of a rear battery pack:

Here is an example of one to give you an idea around what we will be talking about: H15R Core.

1. Rear Battery pack Headlamps have great weight distribution, the rear and front casings help balance each other out. 

2. By having a rear battery pack, it will enable you to put in larger batteries due to having plenty of room at the back. In a lot of cases, this means you will have a great run time with the rear battery pack headlamps due to bigger batteries. 

3. A rear battery pack gives you the opportunity to have a rear safety light on the battery casing. This is very important especially from a safety perspective while on site at work or out for your night-time run.

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