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Light from the Sun takes more than eight minutes to reach the earth. We only need to press a button.

We create light. Even in the furthest, darkest corner of the world. As one of the world’s market leaders in LED flashlights and headlamps, we are downright obsessed with it. And while some believe that we already make the best lights in the world, we think we’re only at the beginning of our journey. Because there is always an idea which is better than the good idea that somebody just had, and because even the best quality can be improved. We already have over 100 patents for our innovative ideas. But this is just the beginning.

Our History

Discover the enlightening story of the Ledlenser brand – from its beginnings in the 1990s to today’s international company.

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Radiant Results

What we value the most and what we let guide us is our customers’ enthusiasm. Our quality, our products and our service should create a “wow” factor. We achieve this the best when we create an atmosphere in our company that brings us all forward. We challenge each other and support our employees in their development to enable them to exploit their full potential.

In everything we do we act responsibly and reliably. Both towards the environment and towards people. In production we are careful to respect ecologically sound and sustainable practices. The long battery life of our lights and the option to replace faulty parts also help protect resources. We fulfill our responsibility to people by, for example, building company housing, and through involvement in social projects.

Our goal: To show the whole world in its true light

We are indeed already big, but we want to become the number one worldwide producer of portable light. How we aim to do that? With quality German Engineered products. For us that means: setting ourselves the highest standards in terms of innovation materials, technology, workmanship, design and sustainability. And because we ourselves believe in the quality of our products, we also offer seven years warranty4

In addition to that, we work tirelessly to further develop our technological edge – from superior lenses to smart batteries. We currently have over 100 patents. But we already have an eye on the next 100.