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Area Lights

Ultimate versatility meets extreme brightness: Our Area Lights are there to support you at work. Because no matter how big or small the job – you need to get it done. And reliable light is crucial. As an electrician, plumber,  painter, construction worker, craftsman or DIY enthusiast, you are used to  working on a tight schedule, in small or chaotic spaces, in the dark, with or  without power supply. You need bright light to illuminate vast work sites.  Warm light to stage a project. Homogeneous light for close-range work.  Portable light for on the go and stationary light for continuous  illumination. Time to discover our Area Lights series: versatile, equipped  with innovative new technologies, compact and robust. All these features combined elevate our Area Lights from sheer floodlights to multi-purpose lights that deliver the perfect illumination for various applications.  Developed and perfected down to the smallest detail to make work easy.