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60 lumens
1.5 h
60 lumens
1.5 h

Ledlenser K4R

Compact light at your fingertips.

The K4R key ring lamp raises performance, technology and design to a new level. This small everyday helper housed in a high-quality and well-designed aluminium case reaches up to 60 lumens and provides wide area illumination. The first light in the new K-series, the K4R is rechargeable and is equipped with the additional safety of an SOS distress signal mode.

Regular price AED 104.00

AED 104.00
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Special Information



This LED enables your Ledlenser to achieve high luminosity.


Light Functions

These settings are pure and bright:

  • Power - optimised light output
  • S.O.S - hold the button for 3 seconds to activate the S.O.S safety mode, the distress signal the light emits is SOS in Morse code (3 x short, 3 x long, 3 x short)


Turn, press or both - how to switch these Ledlensers on:

  • Front Switch - a switch on the front of the light

Special Functions

That special something about this Ledlenser:

  • Extremely Compact - yet very powerful with 60 lumens
  • Rechargeable - via the supplied USB cable
  • S.O.S - distress signal mode for additional safety
  • Metal Snap Hook - for easy attachment to keys, bags, etc.


Safety features of this Ledlenser:

  • IPXX - no special protection against elements


So that you can enjoy your light for a long time, every Ledlenser casing is made of high-quality metal. In this instance, it's aluminium to ensure especially light handling.

Technical Details



  • LED Configuration 1 x COB LED
  • Luminosity1 MAX 60 lumens
  • Battery Duration1 MAX 1.5 h

Battery and Casing

  • Battery Battery 1 x Li-ion Polymer 3.7V
  • Water Resistance IPXX
  • Rechargeable Yes

Height and Weight

  • Length (defocused) 50 mm
  • Weight 18 g