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400 lumens
10 h
400 lumens
10 h

Ledlenser K6R

Compact light at your fingertips.

The compact keyring light K6R delivers an impressive brightness of up to 400 lumens at the push of a button - much brighter and more intuitive than the flashlight function of many smartphones. The lamp is conveniently and wirelessly charged via the integrated, fold-out USB-A interface. In addition, the elegant light made of brushed aluminum has a red light function and numerous other features that make it the perfect, high-performance accessory for a keychain or backpack.

Regular price AED 136.00

AED 136.00
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Special Information


Light Functions

  • Boost - short-duration maximum power for more brightness
  • Power - high light output for every situation
  • Low Power - economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working


Turn, press or both - how to switch these Ledlensers on:

  • End Cap Switch - a switch on the end of the light(end cap)

Special Functions

That special something about this Ledlenser:

  • Powerful, compact keychain light with up to 400 lumens of light output
  • High quality brushed aluminum housing with carabiner for easy attachment
  • Additional redlight function
  • Easy and fast charging via foldout USB-A interface without separate charging cable
  • Integrated battery and charge level indicator as well as practical transport lock to protect against unintentional switching on


Safety features of this Ledlenser:

  • IP2X - no special protection against elements

Technical Details



  • LED Configuration 1 x High Power LED
  • Luminosity1 MAX 400 lumens
  • Battery Duration1 MAX 10 h

Battery and Casing

  • Battery Battery 1 x Li-ion 3.7V
  • Water Resistance IP2X
  • Rechargeable Yes

Height and Weight

  • Length (defocused) 62 mm
  • Weight 30 g