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150 lm
10 lm
1.5 h
12 h
150 lm
10 lm
1.5 h
12 h

Ledlenser Lite Wallet

A world first.

Introducing our first-ever wallet, paired with 150 lumens of bright, white light.

The patent-pending Ledlenser Lite Wallet® is the practical everyday companion for your pocket or bag.The card holder arranges identity card, driving license, credit cards with an elastic band to secure a little cash to have on hand.Thanks to integrated RFID protection, sensitive data is always safe.The exterior of the Lite Wallet is a noble case made of fine, rich leather and available in different colors. The LED lamp lights the way with up to 150 lumens light output and homogeneous light distribution with an on/off switch intuitively placed on the back so you can easily turn it on when you need to shine a light on things. Finally, the Lite Wallet battery can be quickly charged via a wireless charging station or USB-C cable.

 *Wireless charger not included with purchase.


Regular price AED 322.00

AED 322.00
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  • 30 Day Returns for change of mind

Special Information


Light Functions

  • Power - high light output for every situation
  • Low Power - economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working


  • Base Switch - a switch on the bottom of the light

Special functions

  • Rich, sleek leather with several card compartments
  • Small, handy LED light with two power modes and precise optics in mini format
  • Integrated RFID blocker to protect personal data
  • Another slot for credit cards under the metal cover of the lamp
  • Wireless or USB-C charging


  • IP54 - Protection against water projected in powerful spray

    Technical Details

    Lite Wallet


    • LED Configuration 1x Power LED
    • Luminosity1 MAX 150 lm - MIN 10 lm
    • Battery Duration1 MAX 12 h - MIN 1.5 h

    Battery and Casing

    • Battery 1x Li-ion 3.7V
    • Water Resistance IP54
    • Rechargeable Yes

    Height and Weight

    • Width 74 mm
    • Depth 96.5 mm
    • Weight 115 g